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How to Make Money With Online LoansHow to Make Money With Online Loans

In the stock market, there are many ways to evaluate investments. As said, you shouldn’t rely on luck. Therefore, we have separated some important indicators, especially if you are going to invest in the long term:

Use these tips to evaluate investments and make money from interest yields on personal loans:

Risk of an action

It is measured by assessing …

How to invest in the stock market when you are a beginner?How to invest in the stock market when you are a beginner?

The stock market – definition

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, you owe it to yourself to know the basics of the stock market.

So what is the stock market?

The stock exchange is a financial market on which hundreds of transactions in market or transferable securities take place every working day. All investors (beginners or experienced) …

What are the advantages of life insurance?What are the advantages of life insurance?

Life insurance is a tax envelope

Life insurance can be seen as an envelope: the money you put in it can be invested in many ways. There are also two types of life insurance:

The monosupport contract : the entire capital is positioned in a secure fund: the  euro life insurance  fund (or euro fund). This secure investment generates interest …

Student Loan | New SavingsStudent Loan | New Savings

A student loan remains the best solution to finance your studies when it is impossible for us to find other funds: family, scholarship, student job, etc. It will allow you to benefit from solid income to finance your studies , your useful purchases ( computer, car, scooter, etc.) and your incompressible expenses (rent, food, leisure, etc.)

Student loan: when to

Online Life Insurance Broker: How To Choose?Online Life Insurance Broker: How To Choose?

Online Life Insurance Broker – The Definition

Definition – life insurance broker

The life insurance broker is an independent professional , very often a company bringing together several professionals able to advise and explain the fluctuations of the markets and investments. The online savings broker works on behalf of a client (you), and is, depending on the type of contract …

What is mortgage insurance for?What is mortgage insurance for?

Real estate, one of the most essential elements in everyone’s life. It is currently possible to acquire a building as quickly as possible by using a mortgage. Nowadays, the bank has made borrower insurance compulsory for a mortgage. Given the accidents that can occur there, it is normal for your bank to avoid misfortunes. If you want to take out …

Life accident guarantee insuranceLife accident guarantee insurance

The accident of life guarantee is a provident insurance contract which aims to protect the insured and his family from the consequences of everyday accidents. This insurance initially compensates the victim if the person responsible is not known or if the insured is himself responsible. Accident-of-life insurance contracts cover domestic accidents, accidents occurring in the context of leisure activities or …

What is the repurchase of credit?What is the repurchase of credit?

Also called credit consolidation, credit redemption has a simple definition to understand. You will find below the meaning of these financial terms as well as the credits generally concerned by these groups and we will advise you, if you wish, a company with a very appreciated experience, in this sector, more and more appreciated by the investors. .

Credit buyback: