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Why Free Seminar?

This is the story of our journey as sole proprietors from level zero to where we are now. We do not feel that we are very successful yet, but we do feel that we have achieved some of the goals that we set in our lives.We are still progressing ahead, and continue to strive for the best endeavor to improve our lives and keep achieving new heights as we strongly believe, human potential is limitless.

When we began our journey a few years back, what we have were just dreams and ambition to succeed in life. Backed with determination, we left the employment world and ventured to self employment. At that time, what we need the most was, motivation and encouragement to reignite our dream and commitment continuously. Then we realized, the continuous support and dedication of our leaders, nurturing, giving free coaching, mentoring and seminar unconditionally gives a tremendous impact to individual's development.

We were exposed the culture of free training when we were attached to one of the marketing agencies of a mutual fund company. The culture of free weekly training on rotation basis has given a huge impact to the morale of the consultants to do marketing despite we were not being paid.

Then, we attended several seminars done by international speaker like Zig Ziglar, T.Harv Eker, Anthony Robbins, Jay Abraham, etc which opened our eyes wider on the importance of giving. among quotes that stroked our mind were,

"You will get what in your life if you help enough people to get what they want"

"Give and you shall receive"

"What goes around comes around"

We believe, the same concept of free training shall be applied to the public to ensure transfer of knowledge happen in bigger magnitude.

We consider this as a part of our public service to all Malaysians. We want to educate the public that Forex is one of the options to get side income, with slightly higher risks to take than other instrument. We remember how hard it was to learn FOREX at the beginning.

When we were getting to know Forex, we were frustrated with the commercial seminar which offering previews with big bang promises and returns which is out of the world, example, "I made $30,000 in a day, "give me a laptop and internet, I'll show you how to make USD10,000 a day". All these advertisement have given a misconception to the public that Forex is a shortcut to be rich, easy to make money and then, everybody pays big bucks for the seminar.

When it comes to real trading, 90% lost the capital. During that time, even now, the so called "guru" or "master" is charging thousands to learn BASIC of Forex. We believe, that thousand can be turned into capital to trade and start earning profit if we do it right. contrary to all those paid seminar, In Forex, we need high commitment for continuous learning, and unlimited practice.

We also need a mentor or coach to guide us to the right method until we develop and comfortable with our own customize technique. We need peers to discuss and analyze our method and we need a place to gather to share the knowledge. Hence, we offer our knowledge, and venue for free for those who are commited to learn Forex and make it a a part time income, because Forex ia a form of business. We give our seminars Absolutely for FREE with:

  • FREE Coaching
  • FREE Mentoring
  • FREE Live Trade Demo
  • FREE Trading Setup Checking
  • FREE Software & Indicators
  • No Hidden Charges
  • No Marketing Preview
  • No Software to buy
  • No advance class fee
  • No Special Session fee
  • No Gimmick

We started to teach my clients and friends who invested in Unit Trust, and recent downturn caused them lot of money. A method of recovering the loss is through this instrument. Well, of course, high risk, high return. Turns out many actually are really keen to learn and trade forex. So I make it a seminar so that many will benefits from it. Plus, We have something to do during weekend rather than watching TV or go to shopping mall.

Please read feedback at free seminar feedback at one of the forum (Bahasa Malaysia)

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