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Basic Forex Seminar

We providing a basic class for beginner who want to learn forex in our BASIC FOREX SEMINAR on every saturday 9.30A.M - 5.00P.M (Conducted in BAHASA  MALAYSIA)
1. Forex terminology

All basic about forex terms and jargon (briefly)

2. The Fundies
  • Identifying correlation between Currencies, Equities, Stocks, Commodities and Bond.
  • Analyzing breaking news and scheduled news (economic Data Releases)
  • Undestanding Sentiment and forecasting based on news
  • Understanding Risk Aversion and Risk Appetite.
3. The Chartist

All about Technical Analysis tools and indicators overview

  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Chart Patterns
  • Support and Resistance (fibo retracement , pivot, high & low etc..)
  • Channels, Trendlines.
  • Overview of MT4 Indicators
  • Understanding and utilising self fulfilling prophecy
  • Basic methodology , Chart Mapping, Currency Strength analysis, Curency correlation.
  • Introduction to IA simulation
4. The Trader
  • Trader's Psychology
  • Trader's Personality - Dominant, Steady, Influential, Complience
  • Risk Reward Management & Money management
  • Mental preparation
  • Trading Plan

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