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"Life Insurance (takaful) is like a parachute, you only need it once, if don't have it when you need it, you will never need it again" 

What legacy do you leave for your love ones?

 Before you say NO to Family Takaful, ask yourself these questions.


 1. You are like ATM machine, what will happen if the machine is broken? 

 2. How long will you and your family survive in case of any misfortunes?

 3. Have you done sufficient “amal jariah” for your "investment” in the afterlife?

 4. Are you willing to go for waiting list in General Hospital for any ailment and bear the pain while counting days?


Oasis Wealth Builders is committed to deliver the best solution for your protection need. The plans provided by AIA Public Takaful, the best takaful provider in Malaysia are comprehensive, for both Family Takaful and General Takaful and has been awarded with KIFF " the most outstanding takaful product". We will give a fair, unbiased opinion and advise for any client's needs. At Oasis Wealth Builders, we sincerely care. 


Please contact : Aziah: 019-3185335

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