What is affected credit?What is affected credit?

Affected credit actually consists of making a loan for direct consumption for oneself. It is so necessary to know all of your need, before proceeding with the application, because an affected loan is always accompanied by a motivation for your monthly repayment.

What is meant by affected credit

Affected credit is a type of credit that goes towards carrying out …

How to invest in the stock market when you are a beginner?How to invest in the stock market when you are a beginner?

The stock market – definition

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, you owe it to yourself to know the basics of the stock market.

So what is the stock market?

The stock exchange is a financial market on which hundreds of transactions in market or transferable securities take place every working day. All investors (beginners or experienced) …

What are the advantages of life insurance?What are the advantages of life insurance?

Life insurance is a tax envelope

Life insurance can be seen as an envelope: the money you put in it can be invested in many ways. There are also two types of life insurance:

The monosupport contract : the entire capital is positioned in a secure fund: the  euro life insurance  fund (or euro fund). This secure investment generates interest …

Student Loan | New SavingsStudent Loan | New Savings

A student loan remains the best solution to finance your studies when it is impossible for us to find other funds: family, scholarship, student job, etc. It will allow you to benefit from solid income to finance your studies , your useful purchases ( computer, car, scooter, etc.) and your incompressible expenses (rent, food, leisure, etc.)

Student loan: when to

Online Life Insurance Broker: How To Choose?Online Life Insurance Broker: How To Choose?

Online Life Insurance Broker – The Definition

Definition – life insurance broker

The life insurance broker is an independent professional , very often a company bringing together several professionals able to advise and explain the fluctuations of the markets and investments. The online savings broker works on behalf of a client (you), and is, depending on the type of contract …